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Spiegelau presents new glass for fine Cider

In time for the summer, crystal glass manufacturer Spiegelau has launched its new cider glass.

Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab, 17th April 2018 – In time for the summer, crystal glass manufacturer Spiegelau has launched its new cider glass. The consumption of apple and fruit flavoured ciders is on the rise worldwide; increasingly becoming the drink of choice for those who seek stylish refreshment. This traditionally English drink has evolved and is now available in many different variations; classically from apples or from pears or re-interpreted with flavours from other fruits - the imagination knows no bounds. In keeping with this, Spiegelau’s new set of 4 cider glasses, executed in sparking crystal glass,  have a  bulbous shape,  with ample space to allow wonderful aromas to unfold. Featuring a stem, which allows the colour of the Cider to be seen at its best and helps to maintain the coolness of temperature, Spiegelau Cider glasses are characterized by their brilliance and clarity and high break resistance. Like all Spiegelau glasses, they are fully dishwasher safe.

About the company Spiegelau

Spiegelau is in the best shape everywhere – whether it’s special glasses to enjoy special beers and wines or universal glasses that can be used in a versatile way: A Spiegelau glass can be raised for any occasion. The designers develop tasteful and practical everyday glasses that offer a perfect balance between proportion, shape and function. Spiegelau can look back on a long tradition of glass manufacture, which extends from the development of the finest glass mirrors for the historic royal houses of Europe through to the manufacture of robust yet elegant glasses for modern restaurants. For over five centuries, an effort has been made to combine traditional craftsmanship with innovative technologies in glass production. In keeping with its roots in traditional Bavarian craftsmanship, Spiegelau now uses the latest, most advanced technologies in order to guarantee that all glasses are absolutely robust and reliable. Spiegelau glasses thus not only possess a high level of brilliance but are also highly break resistant and dishwasher-safe.

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