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Finish/Calgonit Protector

Spiegelau glasses are dishwasher safe and we are constantly researching and improving our products to maintain this high standard. Independent laboratories have certified Spiegelau stemware as “extremely dishwasher safe”.

However, to keep your glasses clear and shiny for years it is still important to keep more things in mind like dishwashing temperature, water hardness and duration of dishwasher programs.

To clean your high quality glasses please use short washing cycles at lower temperatures. Further, please follow the instructions of your dishwasher manual. Additionally, we recommend to use Finish Protector.

Finish Protector is an additive for glass and decor protection. Use additionally to detergent as well as Rinse Aid and salt where applicable.Finish Protector Dual Protection has a unique technology that releases special protection agents into the wash water, to neutralize the damaging corrosive elements in every wash.It protects your glasses against corrosion, keeping the surfaces clear and shiny.With its decoration protection formula, it protects the color and brilliance of the decorations on your dishes to prevent fading.

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